Mission, Vision & Values

Our Mission

To build a unique and exciting destination resort for leisure, tourism, and commerce, that exclusively utilizes and showcases Oregon's people and products, and gives back to the Oregon economy.


Our Vision


To thrill customers through an experiential blend of fun, adventure, and discovery, while cultivating and promoting the Oregon economy.


Our Values


  1. Exclusively Oregon - create mutually beneficial collaborations of industries, companies, people, and resources from within the State of Oregon.

  2. Experiential - blend fun and adventure with learning and discovery.

  3. Showcase & Honor - showcase the future while paying tribute to heritage.

  4. Cultivate Locally - support our local community and foster the growth of the Oregon economy.

  5. Steward of Nature - responsibly use and protect the natural environment.


We're a development team with a mission to build a uniquely-themed destination resort that exclusively utilizes and showcases the people and products of Oregon.


PO Box 208,

Sutherlin, OR 97479



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