A Unique OREGON Resort

Oregon Only Development, LLC is building a unique and exciting destination resort for leisure,

tourism, and commerce, exclusively utilizing and showcasing the people and products of Oregon.

A Destination For Fun, Adventure And Discovery

Taking visitors on a fun and exciting journey of discovery throughout Oregon's history, to the present day, to the shape of the future.

Showcasing The Products of Oregon

Sharing stories and showcasing the products of Oregon - the Land, the Peoplethe Industriesand the Brands - at the centerpiece of the experience.

The Land

Seven geographically diverse regions abounding in natural resources, attractions, and destinations. Oregon has the ocean, mountains, valleys, high desert, cities, small towns, and almost everything in between.

Made By The People, For The People

Employing and resourcing locally, exclusively utilizing the people and products of Oregon through the entirety of the project; from design and planning, through sourcing of materials, to construction and operations.

Oregon's Timber Industry

Since the 1880s, the timber industry has been a driving force of Oregon's economy, and today Oregon is the nation's leading producer of wood products. The Oregon Only Resort will pay tribute to the timber industry's rich heritage, and showcase its latest innovation through the architecture, engineering, and construction.

Located In Oregon's HeartLand

A 90 acre site in Sutherlin, OR, incorporating wetlands, ponds, streams, and natural vegetation, and an area abounding with attractions that's prime for economic stimulus.

Sutherlin, OR

A gateway to the Umpqua Valley and Southern Oregon, boasting over 27 wineries, watersports, fishing, golf, hiking, cycling, and horseback riding, and surrounded by rivers, forests, waterfalls, lakes, reservoirs, and scenic byways.

Begin The Journey

Follow us on the journey to create the Oregon Only Resort.


We're a development team with a mission to build a uniquely-themed destination resort that exclusively utilizes and showcases the people and products of Oregon.


PO Box 208,

Sutherlin, OR 97479



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